Monday, March 30, 2009

I've learnt...

Life, as it is truly said, is a continuous learning process, and each day we are alive, the things that we see and that happen to us help give us a better perspective that influence our future decisions. For every man that chooses to pick out salient points from all his experiences, the acquisition of knowledge and wisdom is limitless, and can be evidenced when some time is taken to list them out. When i did so myself in writing this blog, i was amazed to know that i could put down all the points below, especially considering the fact that as a very (ahem) young man, i still have quite a lot of years of learning to go through, and i know for sure i didn't exhaust the points; i only put down what occured to me at the time.

All of the points were impressed upon me by life's little experiences, some sober, some good, some darkly humorous, and i feel obliged to share them through this blog (which should reflect my thoughts, anyway). They are, of course, not meant to be authoritative statements; just the way i see things based on my experiences. I'm guessing a good number of them might actually be acceptable tho' ;)!

Here goes. In my life, i've learnt that:

...academic brilliance is quite vastly different from general intelligence, and is usually a poor indicator of future success

...things hardly turn out exactly the way we think moment of rash action can lead to several lifetimes of grief

...if you don't take a few minutes to think a decision through now, you may end up thinking about it for the rest of your life

...a listening ear can accommodate the weight of the heaviest of hearts

...the real reward for doing good lies in the feeling you get - there really aren't many feelings that can rival it

...truth indeed does set one free, but then, sometimes truth, like freedom, comes at a heavy price

...the right thing to do is not always the best thing to do

...not forgetting does not necessarily mean not forgiving; It may mean learning.

...the world can be wrong sometimes

...shortcuts are nice, but sometimes they make you miss out on the finer points of life

...every man is in the position he is in by the virtue of God's grace or dictation

...the smartest people got that way because they asked questions

...experts aren't always right amount of salary can beat happiness in your work

...every person has secrets in his life that he's not proud of

...we were all equally created by God as human beings, but we are not all equal human beings, no matter what anyone may want to believe

...the things we learn easiest and are most successful at are in line with our innate nature, so why fight it?

...the best things in life are free, but they are so costly to lose's not worth killing yourself over any issue over which you have no control don't have to be rich, famous, tough or cool to be admired and respected makes sense to do something because you are ready, not because you are expected to

...there really is no blueprint for success and wealth, only opinions, which are not always true

...there's no shame in crying, laughing, being kind and polite, being humble, being generous, loving, having emotions, doing things the right way or generally any of those other things that make us human - it is what makes the world beautiful

...we have no right whatsoever to question God

...the people who love us the most are not necessarily those people who are there all the time, but those people who are there when they are needed most

...we can't stop the rain from falling - we can only get umbrellas doesn't mean that the guy who is already on the stairs will get to the top of the building before you, it may just be that the elevator hasn't arrived yet

...the grass is not always greener on the other side; in fact, most times it is much worse

...image is something, but not everything only makes sense to do things we are comfortable with, regardless of popular opinion really isn't fair, and is not likely to suddenly be; so let's get over the envy and resentment we harbour for people who appear to be doing better than us

...the best indicator of a person's true nature is the content of his heart, and until there is a way to determine that, everyone deserves the right to be treated with an open mind

...some things are just best left unsaid

...there is somebody out there for everybody

...the "smallest" things are usually the most important is much too short to dwell too much on anything

Okay. Guess that is enough for this blog, or else it would start looking like an epistle. I do hope that my humble nuggets of wisdom be worth the while of anyone who reads it.

Till i am stirred up by my writing muse again, i'll sign off for now.


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  1. uhhh, nice one.
    despite the diversity of human nature, we all get to learn from similar experences in life.
    i can relate to practically everything u've listed out.